07 July 2011

Stay on the wheel: news after Stage 6 TDF

What's happening at the Tour de France
Tour de France tech: Thor Hushovd's yellow Cervelo S5 
Garmin numbers for geeks, the numbers for riders on Team Garmin-Cervelo.
Breakfast with Bernie, stage 6: Post-stage rituals and the crowd crush. And also U.S. veterans Ride to Recovery at the Tour de France (Bernie and Cav doing a a little feel-good PR with the Veteran fans, so nice). I did not enjoy reading about HTC Directeur Allan Peiper bad mouthing Cavendish in an interview, no matter what, when you are in charge of developing an athlete it is poor form to berate him until he is out from under your wing. Cipollini however can say what ever he wants about Cav, and I hope he does.

Tour Talk with Frankie and James - Stage 6 and 7 (should be called Tour Talk Straight Talk).
Apparently this is "normal" Alberto Contador before Stage 6,  and "....that's Zabriskie" DZ after Stage 6.
Ben Swift Diaries (another strange vantage point)
Today's photography is from Steephill.TV Stage 6
An image worth studying by Graham Watson - Edvald Boasson Hagen wins
And O'nev (my new favorite for 2011) 
I'd like to make a personal request to the other photographers to curtail the 45 degree angle shots, I'm feeling a bit foolish from this side of the computer every time I cock my head to the side.

Recommended Reading*: The man who drives the broom wagon: In the Shadow of the Broom Wagon by James Startt

Looking forward to Stage 7
We are finally heading to the center of France. The race begins in Le Mans, home to the Circuit de la Sarthe and the 24 Hours of Le Mans sports car race since 1923. Fittingly it will be another sprinters stage win after 218 km of racing. There are no mountain passes or hills in Stage 7. The intermediate sprint is 25.5km from the finish, so there will be great emphasis on positioning in the last 6th of the race. Another 7 days and we will be in the Pyrenees.

Le Mans
Current Standings after Stage 6 - 2011 Tour de France
32 GILBERT Philippe OMEGA PHARMA - LOTTO 144 pts
117 THOMAS Geraint SKY PROCYCLING 22h 50' 46"
Who won the stage:
HAGEN Edvald Boasson
Overall GC standings:
1. HUSHOVD Thor 51 TEAM GARMIN - CERVELO 22h 50' 34"
2. EVANS Cadel 141 BMC RACING TEAM 22h 50' 35" + 00' 01"
3. SCHLECK Frank 18 TEAM LEOPARD-TREK 22h 50' 38" + 00' 04"
4. MILLAR David 56 TEAM GARMIN - CERVELO 22h 50' 42" + 00' 08"
5. KLÖDEN Andréas 74 TEAM RADIOSHACK 22h 50' 44" + 00' 10"
6. WIGGINS Bradley 111 SKY PROCYCLING 22h 50' 44" + 00' 10"
7. THOMAS Geraint 117 SKY PROCYCLING 22h 50' 46" + 00' 12"
8. HAGEN Edvald Boasson 114 SKY PROCYCLING 22h 50' 46" + 00' 12"
9. FUGLSANG Jakob 13 TEAM LEOPARD-TREK 22h 50' 46" + 00' 12"
10. SCHLECK Andy 11 TEAM LEOPARD-TREK 22h 50' 46" + 00' 12"