08 June 2011

Flippin' cool

One man's dream
With international road cycling in recent weeks focusing on the Critérium du Dauphiné race in France, the upcoming Tour de Suisse, devising ways to stomp out Ricco who has reemerged like a pesky whack-a-mole, canceling UCI races (Tour de Pyrenees), considering cryotherapy for recovery, and attempting to cloth naked bike riders (Portsmouth, RI). I'm thinking the sport of mountain biking looks like a lot more fun these days than the impending battle of Vinokourov vs. Contador in the Tour de France (been there done that). If like me, you have already chosen your side of the fence regarding the Armstrong controversy, why not look beyond these recent events to a cool occurance on a bike.
Down in New Zealand, Jed Mildon had a goal of flipping backwards (while going forwards) on his bike in the air three times in a row. And he did it. I think this picture is as cool as the task, because if I think about the trick too much, I think about the times he probably missed the jump before making it look so simple. After all his friends sure seemed happy when he landed it, which means it probably doesn't happen all that often. Watch the feel good video here (May 28, 2011): Jed Mildon's triple backflip video 
Photo by Shayne Rice Photography