27 April 2011

Pictures that make me laugh: Zabriskie & Vaughters

There are clearly times when one should never follow the advice of a DS
David Zabriskie and Jonathan Vaughters, 2010
This would apply to fashion advice from Jonathan Vaughters. (I sincerely hope I never come face to face with Vaughters - I would not be able to explain why he is the brunt of my jokes, perhaps because he is from Denver, CO., or maybe not). 
Are there any cyclists that are good dressers?
Graham Watson recently caught (and tweeted) Andreas Kloden on his way to the Criterium International wearing these jeans in public, so he is no longer in the running for best dressed.
Andreas Kloden in jeans, 2011
Manuel Quinziato hangs out in Lululemon man-sweats. So yup, the title is still up for grabs.
Manuel Quinziato relaxing before Scheldeprijs, 2011
And we all know about the matching scarf incident
Team Leopard Trek in scarfs, 2011