16 January 2011

Tour Down Under begins today

Down under in Adelaide the bike racing season is kicking off 
Santos Tour Down Under - January 16-23, 2011 in Adelaide, Australia
First on my mind is to ask the question - what is up with the trend in cycling photography to select an angle as if the viewer is only one meter tall? As a fan, I don't typically crawl up to riders, why are the Photographers? Perhaps they are recreating their youthful height, or trying to make these men seem larger than life? The angles seem odd, I'm looking up Johan Bruyneel's nose. This photo hardly captures his handsome qualities.
Here the Photographer decided to lay down to take a nap during Lance Armstrong's press conference at the Tour Down Under, but kept on shooting. What other reason could there be for viewing Lance at a 45 degree angle? It looks like Armstrong is puzzled too.
Here Stuart O'Grady had to demonstrate some quick bike handling skills to avoid rolling over the Photographer who decided to lay his body down under O'Grady's front wheel. Whoa, close one Stuey.
Here José Ivan Gutierrez checks out the tire tracks O'Grady just left on the Photographer, or perhaps he's wondering if he should help him up.
Here Richie Porte is wondering if the Photographer wouldn't mind picking up that fourth bottle he just dropped (you know, while you are down there). And why are you down there?
Finally, here Serguei Ivanov stares me down right about my 5'7" height. Now this is a photo of an intimidating cyclist. Nice work.
(All photos above by Steephill.TV)
I do see the world in close-up pixels. Mark Cavendish actually looks like this: Photo by SteepHill.TV
I also see the world like this - as much as I possibly can!
Steephill offers more of their big photos of the day-before the Tour Down Under. Enjoy the angles galore!

The Santos Tour Down Under begins today. I tease, but I am a huge fan of Steephill.TV, when race season begins, they are the best source for online live coverage and news of the races. The 2011 cycling season is upon us.

A funny read: by Dan Wuori on Browne Eye Blog. For those who like pro cycling humor. Excerpt: "This year’s TDU also marks Lance Armstrong’s fourth annual, “final race on foreign soil.”"
Route Map of 2011 Santos Tour Down Under