06 January 2011

Team Leopard pounces

First Press Conference for Team Leopard Trek

The newest greatest team has arrived! Leopard Trek. Here are some thumbnail images from CyclingNews.com today (from last night). Yup, my old company conferences used to look a lot like this as well (matching scarves and suits):
Even Fabian Cancellara hates company meetings (seems photographers either catch Cancellara concentrating stoically on a bike, smiling with his family, or bored at team meetings):
At least my Dad didn't show up at work events - like Andy and Frank Schleck's Dad did for this press conference:
A list of company workers (riders) here - which riders are on the Leopard Trek team: Leopard Trek Roster
The real team presentation is in a few hours, more info on their website here: Leopard Trek website

I can't wait to see what their new kits will be like. By the look of their website we could have another black, white and light blue jersey in the Peloton (to match Garmin's and Team Sky's), no one will be able to tell each other apart in a sprint finish. But please, no more brown kits! Go with graphite gray!

Or a leopard version of this for a lead-out could be affective (the character from the new True Grit movie)
> > > Livestream was on at: http://tele.rtl.lu/waatleeft/livestream/ (finished at 1:30pm MST). You may see a video of the presentation at this link: http://sport.rtl.lu/cyclissem/leopard_vod/

I really enjoyed watching the livestream of the presentation today. I enjoyed listening to the German, English and French presenters ("did he just say Jens had a sixth child?"), seeing the guys without helmets and sunglasses, and hearing the audience go crazy over Franck Schleck. Also loved the new white Trek bikes.

I can't believe they designed another black white and light blue jersey! (UCI needs to have a design review committee) (and you better not be a few pounds overweight to wear this jersey). No, it is not this one from a PodiumCafe reader:
The new Team Leopard Trek Craft jersey is this one:
which will look like these (and all their crew and fans will look the same as well):

The men and their machines (Trek!) (where is Fabian's rainbow striped skinsuit?)
Fabian Cancellara, Frank Schleck, and Andy Schleck - the new Team Leopard Trek
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