21 January 2011

Now I gotta train

I'm going for it!
I am feeling good, why not behave as if I am a better rider than I am (or ever have been)? I know I can do it.

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." - John Wooden

On the route of Levi's GranFondo 2010  Photo by: Steephill.TV
Last Monday (yes the day registration crashed) I somehow squeaked in as registrant #17 for Levi's GranFondo in northern California next October. I was happy to receive this cheerful email confirmation:

Congratulations. Whether you know it or not, you've committed to one of the biggest and best days you'll ever have in the saddle. We at GranFondo Central Command are all hugely pleased that you'll be riding with us alongside 7499 of your new friends and we hope that the promise of this ride keeps you warm this winter and smiling through the summer. Now get out there and get those miles under your belt. You're going to need them come October 1.

I certainly am warm and smiling, although not quite ready to ride a bike. Still I'm not letting that stop me. By this July I will be ready to ride the Triple Bypass (oh please, oh please pick my name for the Double in the lottery, if they don't, I'm hopping a plane from LAX to France again), and then some riding around for the Quizno's Pro Challenge in Colorado in August, and then the timed GranFondo (on Levi's wheel) in October. Which is rumored to be growing to 10,000 participants next year (and most likely to a lottery), and has emerged as the largest mass-start cycling events in the USA rivaling the GranFondos in Europe.

It feels right to celebrate having movement back in my life. I'm going big in 2011. I know I can do it.