30 September 2010

USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Logo & Jersey design

More comments on the Quiznos Pro Challenge Logo

Update 04/05/11: a new logo was announced today along with a change of name for the race to USA Pro Cycling Challenge (formerly Quiznos Pro Challenge).
The Route was announced read the route here on a recent PedalDancer.com post or if you really want to read lots more, visit the PedalDancer.com USA Pro Cycling Challenge Race Page.

The other day I wrote a post about the logo design of the new Colorado Pro Tour bike race planned for August 22-28, 2011, at Quiznos Pro Challenge - Colorado, August 2011
the first old logo was redesigned
I had noticed the similarity of the logo design to a number of our trademarked sports logos in the USA. The other day I happened to catch a glimpse of this logo from the 1985 movie American Flyers, and thought, what, another one. Copy-cats, whoever designed the new Quiznos Pro Challenge logo sought inspiration in sports tradition and media history, combining the look and feel of this logo and the other ones.
The movie American Flyers is a really cheesy movie based on the setting of the old Coors Classic bike race, which Quiznos Pro Challenge seems intent on dragging with them into the future. At this point I am expecting the announcement of the design of the Quiznos Pro Challenge Leader's Jersey to be like this one below. (Retro - from the movie! At first I thought is said "Pack Leader" on it, but it says "Race Leader"). I personally wasn't that fond of the 1980's, men wore really short shorts and women wore shoulder pads, it was messed up.
But cycling kits have been going retro for awhile now. This was the look of Taylor Phinney as he recently won the World U23 Time Trial in Australia (1980's meets the 2000 n'teens). Old is new again.
I'm waiting for these sunglasses to come back ... trust me, these were THE ski sunglasses to own. Oakley, I am waiting - I am your target market.
Update 02/01/11: Check this out - Oakley came out with the Oakley Sideways sunglasses!

Post post 11/04/10: this is the actual race leaders jersey for the Quiznos Pro Challenge. I think it looks a bit like a typical low cost event jersey from 10-15 years ago. The design should have been more creative, modern, and fitting for an international event. Step it up QPC.
If there is an official sweater apparel of the Quiznos Pro Challenge - this could be it: